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Emmanuel Homes was established by God and the Holy Spirit in 2004 working through the ministry of Ivy Hammond. Emmanuel Homes currently shelters 8 boys and 6 girls as well as 2 unmarried mothers with children. All are between the ages of 15-20 years old.

These children have been rescued from a life of destitution on the streets.
Living at Emmanuel Homes they live in a family environment where they have food, shelter and safety. They are required to go to school.

Ivy creates the home atmosphere and plays the roles of mother and father as well as counsellor, confidant, nurturer and many others as the need arises.

This home is Christ centered and brings Light, Hope and Love into the lives of these young people. For most of them it is the first time they have lived in peace.

As with all homes, there are the daily routines and for these children it is not different. They go to school, participate in music, dance, drama and art classes. They are also taught skills needed to survive as independent adults in our difficult world. They share in responsibilities at home by looking after their own rooms and the home in general doing normal chores.


To secure the welfare and education of our vulnerable youth through the prompting of the Holy Spirit.



To bring love, light, and hope into the lives of young teenagers who have come to Emmanuel Homes in faith, and to provide for spiritual, physical, and educational needs.
Emmanuel Homes takes responsibility for the education, healing , welfare and poverty alleviation of its children. Emmanuel Homes supports "ACCESS" (the Alliance for Children's Entitlement of Social Security).





Emmanuel Homes
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