Emmanuel Homes

You can enable the Lords will in many ways. Below are a list of things to consider.

  • To support us by direct deposit use the following information:
    • Emmanuel Homes
    • ABSA Bank
    • Melville
    • Branch 637005
    • Account Number: 9144081482
  • Become a title sponsor for Emmanuel Homes.
    Become an associate sponsor for Emmanuel Homes.
    Sponsor a school bursary.
    Adopt and mentor a child.
    Help us feed our children and equip our homes
    Donate funds for the day to day necessities needed in every home.
  • You could fund a special project such as:
    Start a Skill (Trade) School
    Start a Performance Arts center.
    Help start a farmlet to grow our fruits and vegetables.
    Fund the purchase of our next home, Gamma mmanuel.
    Provide funds for a vehicle for school transport.
    Help with salaries for additional staff
  • Whatever God puts on your heart to benefit these young people.

Please consider opening your heart to help these children build new productive lives for themselves.  You may email us for information on any of the above, or any other questions that you may have.

Thank you in The Lords name,

Ivy Hammond


Emmanuel Homes
NPO 045-279




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