Emmanuel Homes

This website is dedicated to Emmanuel Homes, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

History is written every day.  Check the link to see what has been happening at Emmanuel Homes, or click here

History page updated March 5, 2012

Emmanuel Homes has been very busy.  You can see more of their activities with partners at www.aworldaware.org

Emmanuel Homes provides a safe and loving home to vulnerable teenagers who have nowhere else to go. Since the government provides funding for children up the 14 years of age only, some care centers put them out on to the streets when they reach 15. for this reason emmanuel Homes aims to provide accomodation etc. for teenagers aged 15-20 years only.

The aim is to create a home atmosphere as opposed to the more impersonal orphanage environment. We aim to be conducive to the nurturing of each individual. The number of teenagers admitted to each home is limited.

We hope you enjoy learning about our home, and to become involved in the lives of these young people.

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